Zombies, Run! | Review

The Apocalypse Has Come, And It’s Time To Run!!


Lacking motivation to get out the door and go for that jog? I hear you. I am not a runner, I can barely run to the top of the street without losing my breath. So I decided to look for something that would take my mind off the fact I would be ‘running’ and focus it on something else.

Over Halloween I’m lucky enough to be involved in scare attractions which, involve me running up and down after people. So if I can run then, why can I not run outside of the attraction? The answer I found is this, I’m not thinking I have to run from here to there, in fact, I’m not thinking about running and exercise at all; I’m totally zoned into the scenario around me. So can an immersive post apocalyptic running app get me running down the street without really thinking about it?

IMG_0716 (2)


To use the app you need to have GPS Tracking turned on. This enables the app to monitor your pace and distance. For every km you pass the app updates you and calculates your average per km so you can check back and see how you have improved. Along your way you will collect items and if you are in close proximity to Zombies you are alerted with a Warning accompanied by the sound of a heart beat. As the Zombies get closer the heart beat quickens and the warning updates with how close they are.

The app doesn’t ask you to run (though it is hinted in the storyline that you are running) so you can walk the mission if you choose. For my first mission I chose to walk, but when the Zombies got close I found my pace quickened greatly and I was breaking into a run to escape the Zombies.

The app also syncs with external music players so in the breaks between transmissions you can listen to your own music, which is great if you have a playlist you like to listen and run along to.

Group 4

You are introduced to the story through a radio transmission conversation, however the helicopter you are travelling in gets shot down and you are left to make your way to the local town on foot and alone with only the radio transmissions to guide and alert you.

I have only done 2 missions at the point of writing this post, but it has definitely had me running from the Zombies. I saw a recommendation to give it ago in the dark on a night run or early morning, which I would love to experience as I think it could really help to build the intensity and suspension.

First impressions I am super impressed with the app and the storyline, I would 100% recommend if you are looking for some motivation or if you’re looking to add some fun into your run.

Zombies, Run! (Free) if you would to trial the app (doesn’t tell you when to walk, run or jog, stretch, just follows the storyline)

Zombies, Run! 5K Training £1.79 – 8 Week Training programme to take you from beginner to 5K. With detailed instructions on when to run, walk, jog, stretch and over 25 Workouts.



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