Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift | Mum’s Survival Kit

Looking for a last minute mother’s day gift idea?

IMG_0816 (3).jpg

I got the idea for this little kit from a present I received previously from an ex partner. I loved the incentive behind the survival kit, little tokens that represent something special to your relationship held in a little bag.

Most of the products you can find around your house or office, little things like pegs and paper clips, and if you don’t have the tokens you can pick them up quite cheaply in a local supermarket.

IMG_0807 (2).jpg

What You Will Need:

Safety Pin, Plasters, Playing Card, Paper Clip, Coffee, Coloured Pencil/Crayon, Tea Bag, Peg, Puzzle Piece, Toothpicks, Candle, Love Hearts, Tissue, Penny, Seeds, Large Jewellery Bag (Or Small Container), Notepad, Pens.


  1.  Choose your tokens – Think about what they represent to you and your mum, each person and relationship is different, what my tokens represent to me may not represent the same to you.
  2. Make A Note Of Your Tokens – List down your chosen tokens and what they mean to you. You can even go as far as creating an order which you will write down the tokens (this is what I did).
  3. Place all your tokens into the Jewellery Bag/Container.
  4. On A Piece Of Paper/Card (You could even print) – Write down each of your Tokens and next to them a description of their representation ie. Puzzle Piece – You are an important piece in my life.
  5. You can tie your Survival Kit Guide to the Bag or Container with a little ribbon or you could pop it inside with the tokens.
  6. Give to Mum with a big Hug!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

IMG_0815 (2).jpg

Token Representaion:

Puzzle Piece – You Are An Important Piece In My Life

Penny – So You Are Never Broke

Paper Clip – To Keep Us Close Together

Peg – To Hold Our Family Close Together

Tea Bag – To Remember To Take Time Out & Relax

Coloured Pencil/Crayon – For Brightening My Days

Toothpick – To Pick Out The Best Of Our Memories

Tissue – For Being There For Me In The Good & Bad Times

Plasters – For Always Being There In Times Of Need

Safety Pin – For All The Times You’ve Kept Me Safe, Someone To Rely On

Candle – You Are My Guiding Light

Seeds – For Helping Me Grow Into Who I Am Today

Playing Card – For Having Fun Together!

Coffee – To Give You Energy To Be So Amazing!

Love Hearts – Because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


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