The Happiness Planner | Review

Focus On What Makes You Happy!

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IMG_0694 (2).jpg2017 The Year Of Happiness.

2016 as most people would say was a bad year and I am no exception. My anxiety soared to new heights. Each day was an emotional roller coaster; I felt torn in two, stuck between a rock and a hard place with no escape.

I had worked so hard on my anxieties and personal happiness over the years, and in a flash it all came crumbling down. So this year I have decided it’s time to focus on finding my happiness again.

“It Isn’t What You Have, Or Who You Are, Or Where You Are, Or What You Are Doing That Makes You Happy Or Unhappy. It Is What You Think About It” – Dale Carnegie

So how does The Happiness Planner help you find your own personal happiness? Each month starts with a plan, you write down 5 work & personal goals to work towards/complete in the month, then write down positive self-talk for the month, what you’re most excited for and looking forward to in the month and finally things you are going to do that make you happy.

Each Month’s divider tab takes you straight to a monthly calendar so you can visualise the month ahead and plan your month according to the appointments you may have upcoming. I have found this super handy as I can go straight to the month I need and see what I have done, or any plans I may have to prepare for.

This is my favourite part of the whole planner, I’m very ‘live in the present’ and don’t really plan or think too much about the future. But at the same time I like to have future plans… is this just me? Anyway, I like to have future plans that I can look forward too that doesn’t require much thinking about in the present moment and the calendar helps me with this, its also a great way to see what you have got up to each month.

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The Daily Breakdown:

The 2017 Planner I have, use and love is the daily planner. There are 5 different planners available from The Happiness Planner and they are forever expanding the range since they launched in 2015. The daily planner allows you to sit down each day and plan your day ahead, it only takes 5 minutes and I tend to sit and write whilst having my morning coffee.

At the top of each page is an inspirational quote which I think is such a lovely touch, and a great way to start your day however you are feeling. When the day has ended I look forward to curling up in bed, reflecting on the highs and looking forward to a positive day tomorrow.

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I’ve been using the planner every single day for 3 months, I love getting up each morning, planning my day and reflecting on the events before bed. It has really helped me see the positives in each day and look forward to the next. I am definitely in a much better state of self than when I left 2016 but there is still a way to go.

“One Way To Get The Most Out Of Life Is To Look Upon It As An Adventure” – William Feather

Shop The Post:

The Happiness Planner 2017  (Jan – Dec) £34.00 (Available In 4 Colours: Pink, Mint, Black, Serenity & Rose Quartz)

The Happiness Planner 2017 (Jul – Jun) £40.00 (Available In 4 Colours – As Above – To Pre-Order)

The 100-Day Happiness Planner (Undated) £20 (Available In 5 Colours: Aqua, Pink, Black, Navy Blue and Lavendar)

Inspirational Quote Pen Set (Set Of 4) £20 (2x Gold Pens, 2x Rose Gold Pens, 1x Gold Binder Clip, 1x Rose Gold Binder Clip)




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