25 Facts About Me

  1. The sun instantly puts me in a good mood and reminds me of my nan
  2. I love water, it can calm my mind instantly, and I learnt to swim from a very young age
  3. I studied Performing Arts at Wolverhampton College
  4. I would love to live by the beach
  5. I love driving and going on random adventures20170315_1348141
  6. I have only been abroad twice; Brussels on a School Trip, and New Zealand on a family holiday (Nearly 10 Years Ago!!)
  7. My Top 2 Things to do on my Bucket List is to stand under a waterfall and to see the Northern Lights.
  8. I want to travel America
  9. I am super clumsy & accident prone
  10. ^^ A few weeks ago I managed to trap my hair in a car door (how is that possible?)IMG_0489
  11. I cannot stand processed chicken (ie Chicken Nuggets etc) the texture of the meat turns my stomach
  12. I can face paint, balloon model and juggle; I have also tried Aerial Silks & Pole Dancing.
  13. Eyeballs make me uncomfortable  (this isn’t a phobia it stems back to when I was 6 years old and visited my dad after a horrific motorbike accident)
  14. I have a huge phobia of spiders which can lead to panic attacks
  15. I am 5’9 HM Dress .17.jpg
  16. I love to go on walks
  17. I didn’t like dogs until we rescued Benji and the first thing he did was sit on my lap.
  18. Growing up my brother and I wanted to open our own Zoo/Aquarium Combination where we would both look after the animals
  19. My favourite bands growing up were Spice Girls & S Club 7
  20. I am a massive cat person but I love all animalsIMG_0835 (2)
  21. I am a nail biter and bite the skin around my nails too… (Painting my nails pretty colours stops me biting them, but can anyone suggest anything to stop me biting the skin?)
  22. My eyes are Blue/Grey and often appear to change colour
  23. I drive a little Citreon C1 called Cindy
  24. I am massive fan of Star Wars
  25. I am an Aries and my birthday is April 4thIMG_0899 (3)

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