Rainbow Eye Makeup

The Rainbow Eye Makeup Look has been all over Instagram and why shouldn’t it be? It’s such a fun look and great for the festival season.

IMG_1211 (2)

I have been wanting to recreate the rainbow eye for a while, now I’m no makeup artist and I’m not all too creative in putting together ‘out there looks’ for fear of it going terribly wrong. However after watching Jaclyn Hill’s Slay The Rainbow Makeup Tutorial I was inspired to recreate the look using my NYX Ultimate Brights Palette


  1. I used the burnt orange shade in the crease as a transition colour
  2. On a flat packing brush and a light hand I took the dark pink/red in the outer corner of the eye
  3. Followed by the dark Purple placing it directly next to the red
  4. Same again with the dark Blue Colour
  5. The Dark Green
  6. And finally taking the dark yellow into the inner corner of the eye. I found the darker shades were great for greating a base outline of where I wanted the colour to go.
  7. I then repeated the same process taking the Brighter shades starting with the outer corner and working my way towards the Inner Corner. In Jaclyn’s Video she uses a combination of different bases so that when she lays down the shadows the colours really pop.
  8. I repeated the same process on a small eye brush under the eye to mimick the rainbow effect on the lid.
  9. To Finish off I used my Rimmel London Wonderful Wake Me Up Mascara

IMG_1438 (3).jpg

I loved recreating the Rainbow Makeup Look and I love how it turned out; it’s definitely inspired me to try and be more creative with my makeup. The finished look is certainly not as bright and popping as Jaclyn’s Tutorial as I didn’t use the coloured bases, but I don’t think they are necessarily required and I love that it has more of a subtle watercolour effect.

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