Mini Notepad Haul

I love stationary, I think I love stationary more than beauty products, there I said it.

I have collected numerous pens, pencils, notepads, journals and more over my years; if heaven was a place on earth it would be filled with stationary and makeup.

IMG_1924 (2)

My two most recent additions to the stationary collection are these two beautiful notepads that I just needed in my life. Sainsburys are really nailing the gorgeous stationary at the moment, they have this beautiful Ethereal Geometric Notepad and matching stationary too. But the two notepads I picked up were ‘I’m Really Busy’ Aqua A5 Notepad and ‘Dream Big’ Salmon A5 Notepad. Both were super affordable at £2.00 each, and the inscriptions are in Gold Writing. I absolutely love them. I love that they have the inscriptions on the front, as much as I don’t want to use them for fear that they will eventually end, I simply could not not use them.

I am using them to plan my posts, in ‘dream big’ I have my goals, how I’m going to reach those goals, and monthly blog post ideas. In the ‘I am really busy’ notepad is where I brainstorm my posts and check off my to-do list before a post goes out. If I am inspired by something I like to try to create the content whilst it is still fresh in my brain from images to drafts and schedule them in advance. As much as it kills me inside to use these notepads I love using them I am inspired to create content when I use them and if I could stock up on them for the rest of my life I would.

Shop The Post:

‘I am really busy’ Aqua A5 Notepad £2.00

**Unfortunately ‘Dream Big’ wasn’t available online but they do have ‘Just A Little Note’ Aqua A6 Notepad £1.50 and ‘Unicorns Ate My Homework’ A5 Notebook £4.00 which I love and it’s decorated with rainbows!!**


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