W7 Mega Matte Lips Review

W7 Cosmetics are well known for their dupes of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes; in fact I own two of their palettes In The Buff a dupe for Naked 2, and In The Nude a dupe for Naked 3. (You can read my review of the In the Buff Palette here)

Whilst browsing my local B&M store I spotted the W7 Mega Matte Lips Liquid Lipsticks being a huge fan of their eyeshadow palettes I decided to purchase 3 shades from their Liquid Lipstick Range. There are a total of 12 shades in the Mega Mattes Line from pinks to reds to nudes, the three shades I purchased were Chippie, Sinful & Mega.


Top: Mega A beautiful nude brown shade

Middle: Sinful My favourite one of the three is a gorgeous spring/summer nude pink

Bottom: Chippie The brightest of the three, an Orange/Red shade perfect for the Orange statement lip trend.

The Liquid Lipsticks are super thick and creamy, they don’t dry down straight away giving you time to manipulate the lip look you want to create. They are super comfortable on the lips, they don’t clump or feel bitty, and dry down to a matte finish. They aren’t the most durable of Liquid Lipsticks, they will leave transfer marks on your cup of tea/coffee. I wouldn’t advise wearing these lipsticks if you have an interview or important meeting as I found talking for a long period of time whilst wearing Sinful left my lips looking terrible. The Lipstick had cracked and it looked a mess, on the plus side they do remove easily with a makeup wipe/cleanser so you can reapply a fresh coat or change you look if needed. I really like these lipsticks aside from the durability.


Shop The Post:

W7 Cosmetics Mega Matte Lips – Mega £4.95 **Sold Out**

W7 Cosmetics Mega Matte Lips – Sinful £4.95

W7 Cosmetics Mega Matte Lips – Chippie £4.95

W7 Cosmetics Colour Me Buff £9.95 (Formerly In The Buff)

W7 Cosmetics Colour Me Nude £9.95 (Formerly In The Nude)




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