The Secret Revealed|Starskin Eye Masks

When it comes to skincare for the most part I like to stick to the products I know work for me, I’m pretty loyal to my skincare, but every now and again I find I need to switch things up. Recently I’ve noticed my under eye area looking worse for wear. The skin looked dull, dry and sallow, my makeup didn’t sit right and my dark circles were, well, dark.

The Starskin Bio Cellulose Second Skin Smoothing Eye MasksΒ are targeted for intense hydration, wrinkle smoothing, reducing puffiness, relieving signs of fatigue and brightening dark circles. It ticked all the boxes I was looking for in a product and couldn’t wait to try it.


Each sachet has 1 pair of eye masks infused with 12ml of serum which has been dermatologically formulated to be safe for all skin types. Which is another huge bonus for me as my skin can be sensitive to some products. Firming Acai Berry, Circulating Blueberry, Nourishing Olive Oil and Relieving Chamomile are just a handful of the natural ingredients in the serum.


  1. Cleanse face and dry with a towel. Massage sachet to distribute serum evenly. TIP: Refrigerate unopened sachet for 10 mins before use to enhance cooling and de-puffing effect.
  2. Eye masks have 3 layers. Remove outer protective layers, place centre part (mask) to the under eye area with the smaller tapered end towards the nose.
  3. Smooth mask with gentle pressure to optimize skin contact. Leave for 10-15 mins. Remove and bin masks after the 10-15 mins. Massage excess serum into the skin until fully absorbed.



Step 2, is super fiddly. There is a lot of serum going on inside the sachets, making the masks slippery to pick up, the layers are also fiddly my first eye mask went down fine but the second one did not want to come away from the protective layers.

Once on the face I would suggest laying down as there is a hell of a lot of slip so i ended up with serum running down my face and the masks sliding too. This is definitely something to do while your taking time out of your day to reset, I stuck on a meditation app and had 15 minutes to myself.

There was a lot of excess serum that remained on my face after removing the eye masks, but it absorbed super quickly with a little massage. My under eye area looked like it had been given a new lease of life, my dark circles were lighter, my skin looked plumper, I looked like I had slept for hours. It was like beauty sleep in a 15 minute treatment.

I felt like I didn’t require as much makeup as I would usually wear to disguise the dark circles and the application was flawless. My under eye makeup had never looked so damn good.

The Starskin Bio Cellulose Smoothing Eye Masks are recommended for use 1-2 times a week though they can be used daily. They are travel friendly, perfect for having in your take on luggage to give your skin some extra hydration while your up in the air, or throwing in your bag for a girls pamper day.

Even though the masks were fiddly to apply and very slippery I would 100% recommend these eye masks as the results after the treatment were unreal, and you get 15 minutes all to yourself of doing nothing.

I can’t wait to use these again.

Have you tried the Starskin eye masks? If so what are your thoughts? Have you tried any other eye masks that you love?


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Starskin Bio Cellulose Smoothing Eye MasksΒ 2 Pairs Β£8.50


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