I have a confession…

      There is only one success: To be able to spend your life in your own way          – Christopher Morley –

Welcome Back!


I have a confession!

I originally created this blog to write about beauty, makeup and the occasional fashion post however the need to sit and write about new products I have been trying just isn’t in me. I tried, I really did, I had posts written out ready to be published but had no images, and photo’s ready to be rolled out with no posts to accompany. The passion to open my laptop and sit and write or to take and edit photo’s just wasn’t in me.

Instead I found myself in my car driving down the motorway, camera in hand, off on a new adventure. I have always loved the fact I can jump in my car and go anywhere, anywhere at all, and I would love to share those journeys and adventures with you.

So, this blog will be having a little change in direction, from beauty and makeup to travel. I still want to have a beauty element on the blog it won’t be going completely, but the bulk of the posts will be travel related.

I hope you understand, and that you will join me on this new journey, join me in this dream I have of travelling and sharing the world.

Emma xx

Follow me on Instagram for daily adventures, find me at emma.rollason

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