Sundaes and Sunsets

This weekend I was super excited to finish work jump in my car and make the three hour journey to New Forest in Hampshire. I was visiting my friend who I hadn’t seen in 6 months, and was eager to arrive at her Park Entertainment venue to watch her performing in ‘The Show Must Go On’ Queen Tribute. In all the years I have known her I had never actually seen her sing, and I will be returning later in the year to watch the Take That Tribute Show.


As I had never been to this part of England before my friend had planned a whole day of adventures for us. Starting with brunch at The Needles Eye Cafe on the seafront, the cafe gets its name from Isle Of Wights The Needles Landmark which can be seen from the cafe. The Needles are 3 Chalk Columns seen rising 30m out of the sea on Isle Of Wights Western Coast with a lighthouse on the outer most pillar. There were originally 4 pillars, the fourth pillar Lot’s Wife looking most ‘needle’ like gave the pillars there name however it collapsed in a storm in 1764.


Next stop Highcliffe, a short drive West of The Needles Eye Cafe in Milford-On-Sea; because how can you be by the sea and not go to the beach?

Highcliffe is a little town within a short walking distance of the clifftops that overlook the beach and sea below. There is a car park and cafe on the clifftops, and behind the cafe is a footpath that takes you down on to the beach.


20170626_144702 (2).jpg

Final cafe of the day we headed to Poppins for Ice Cream Sundaes, and my god you need to try their Knickerbocker Glory!! Soft Serve Ice Cream with Tropical fruits, whipped cream and strawberry sauce, it was beautiful and when I return in September I will be making a stop off for another. Definitely worth checking out!


We ended the day back at Highcliffe on the benches with blankets watching the sunset which was spectacular, however it wasn’t until we decided to drive to Mudeford Quay that the sunsets true beauty came to light. If you are ever near Christchurch I would 100% recommend heading over to Mudeford Quay, to watch the sunset over the harbour it really is a beautiful display. I only wish we knew sooner, so we could of watched the sunset there and got some beautiful photo’s of the boats in the golden hour.



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