Dinosaurs In The Wild

Last Month Dinosaurs In The Wild came to Birmingham NEC, an immersive and interactive show that transports you back in time to be able to experience the dinosaurs in their natural habitats (think Jurassic Park style).


The actor guided tour, invites you to step inside their CTP Time Portal Pod’s. Armed with UV Protection Glasses (3D Glasses) for your journey back in time, you can explore the facility Laboratories, witness a dinosaur autopsy and head up to the lookout to see a variety of Dinosaurs in their natural environment.


The 90 minute show is entertaining and educational, you learn about the size of a 7 year old Alamosaurus Heart, the Nesting Routine of Dinosaurs, Nocturnal and Diurnal (Daytime) Dinosaurs.


I thoroughly enjoyed my 90 minute experience inside the Chronotex Facility, it is a fantastic family show great for little ones and older ones alike. I would definitely recommend stepping inside the CTP Time Portal and experience this amazing show for yourself.


Dinosaurs In The Wild will be showing at:

Birmingham NEC 24th June – 23 August 2017

Manchester Eventcity 7th October – 7 January Ā 2018


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